How to select multiple lists in a Input Control.

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I have 6 stores and at least 5 sellers each. My database does not have an attribute to indicate the seller`s store, so when I create an report with the revenues, I have to select all the sellers of the store to get the correct value. I want to create a list for each store with the seller's id, and then a list with the lists that contains the seller's id, with the objective of making the report's creation easier and intuitive to the user. How can I do this? I have already created the lists with the seller's id for the stores, but I don't know how to create the list with the created lists.

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1 Answer:

Let me see if I understand.

Your sales data is like:

StoreID   SellerID order info fields

You want to display a filter for a StoreName or SellerName for the user to filter the data?

Are you asking how to create a "list"

StoreID  StoreName

001      StoreA

002      StoreB

So you can feed the ID to the query?

Sorry if I am not understanding.

You would just create a parameter with an input type of List of Values.

Under local resources define the list.  Name is visible and Value can be fed back to the query by dragging over the parameter.'s picture
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