JasperReport server doesn't connect to Oracle db via JDBC


I need a suppport for this error:

There was an error on the server. Try again or contact site administrators. (Error UID: a2c1fc91-cd7b-43f9-bb58-d6062bcaf7e7)

I use ojdbc7.jar and Oracle 12



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I solved the problem. JasperReport in an automatic way create this string jdbc:oracle:thin:@servername:1521:istancename and it's work fine in aWindows server, instead i a Linux server the right string is jdbc:oracle:thin:@servername:1521/istancename . Changed last : with /

pierugo.massolo - 2 days 20 hours ago

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Hi pierugo.massolo. 

You will have to give us more info than that. 
Have you loaded the ojdbc7.jar onto the jasperserver ? 
When you create a datasource, do you have the option to select the Oracle driver from the drop down list ? 
Did you type in the credentials and conneciton details and then when you test the connection it give you the error ? 

Also you can you have a look at the jasperserver logs, which will give you much more info that the above message.
You will get a more detailed stack trace error, with more specific reason. 

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