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Hello friends,

I want to know if it is possible to hide the total summary column or any column in my crosstab if condition is met?

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1 Answer:

For the total columns you can adjust this at crosstab properties. When I remember right the good old iReport had an assistant for creating crosstabs and also asked whether the total columns should be generated or not. (So I guess also the newer JasperSoftStudio has such an assistant)

For hiding a whole data-column it could become complicated. You could changed the bucket expression to an if-then-else expression to ignore certain values for incrementing/count/sums ... but then you would have a "other" columns for the ignored values when I remember right. Perhaps you can define such a "other" column and set the witdth to 0 pixel.

But not really sure if this will work - just give it a try.

So perhaps another crosstab guru will answer your question

hth + regards


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