Markup Style "Styled" doesn't always work.


I'm trying to format a text filed so that each item is a bulleted list item. At first, I was using, <textElement markup="html"> with li tags. They always worked but they add too much padding. I changed the markup to equal "styled" and 1st that solved my problem. But later, I got a result where some of the li tags aren't processed. So some textfield behave as expected while others leave the surrounding <li> and </li tags> in the report.  

What I'm asking for is a way to make the sub report textfield work with styled markup consistently OR find a way to remove some of the padding for html markup.I've removed alll the padding I could in Jasper.

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Bullet lists with styled or html syntax is a PAIN in JasperReports. It just works fine/well with single lines... but if a line breaks to second or more because of too much content, the alignment to the top/first line is not correct/acceptable. 

So I gave up using bullet lists (a light trick was to use a negative first line indent, but that wasn't also working for 100%)...

just search in the jasper tracker/bug reports for it... you will find multiple questions and answers by Teodord or Lucian some years ago ....but when I remember right, it isn't solved yet even in the latest version :-(

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