How i can to convert a Date that is null to String



I want to put a default text to a field type date that comes null

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thanks,!! I have solved my problem   ... lml ...lml

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Just use a simple IfThenElse Expression for your date field (e.g. here without text pattern for a java.util.Date Field, but  instead with a SimpleDateFormat for a plain StringField):

$F{YourDateField} == null ? "no date found": new SimpleDateFormat("dd.MM.yyyy").format($F{YourDateField})

If you have multiple date fields and you just want to define the static text once, you also could use an own parameter (without prompting) with a default expression for your default static text:

$F{YourDateField} == null ? $P{YourDefaultText4NullDates}: new SimpleDateFormat("dd.MM.yyyy").format($F{YourDateField})

Another way could also be a static scriptlet method within a small java proggi that handles your logic on a central point:


so like always: Many ways leading to Rome :-)

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