Jasper Server - Top Menu - Is this possible to hide the top menu ?


I need to hide the top menu and repository folder in jasper server.

We may not be allowed to show the top menu . 

is it possible to hide the top menu and repository folders if yes please provide the procedure to do same.

Attached screenshot for the reference.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance,

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You may try removing the elements from the top Manu.

You can do by commenting out the following in /WEB-INF/decorators/decorator.jsp

<div class="sectionLeft">
            <c:if test="${pageProperties['meta.noMenu']==null}">
               <div id="mainNavigation" tabindex="2" class="menuRoot menu horizontal primaryNav" js-navtype="actionmenu" role="menubar" aria-label="Main Menu"><!--FIXME ARIA i18n -->
                   <ul id="navigationOptions" js-navtype="actionmenu" data-component-type="navigation">
                       <li id="main_home" js-navtype="actionmenu" role="menuitem" class="leaf hidden" aria-label="<spring:message code="menu.home"/>" data-title="true">
                           <p class="wrap button"><span class="icon"></span><spring:message code="menu.home"/></p>
                       <c:if test='<%= !((NavigationActionModelSupport)application.getAttribute("concreteNavigationActionModelSupport")).banUserRole() %>'>
                           <li id="main_library" js-navtype="actionmenu" role="menuitem" class="leaf hidden">
                               <p class="wrap button"><span class="icon"></span><spring:message code="menu.library"/></p>

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