List of all folders in Jaspersoft Server and what roles have what permissions


Hi - I am having a hard time managing the permissions in Jaspersoft Server in the "Public" folder in particular. I would like to be able to run an audit and list out each folder and all the roles with their permission level. for example:


Public Org

Folder 1

  • Role_User_1 = read/write
  • Role_User_2 = administer 
  • Role User 3 = read 

Folder 2

  • Role_User_1 = no access
  • Role_User_2 = no access 
  • Role User 3 = read 


And so on. 

Is there a way to do this? 



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1 Answer:


Your best bet is to utilized the RESPv2 API 
Wont give you all folders at once, but you can write program to do multiple requests for you and store the payloads received. 
Document : JasperReports-Server-REST-API-Reference.pdf
Look at section 9.2 Viewing Multiple Permissions
You can use a GET request with given url 

Set argument resolveAll to ture - so you can see all
Then make use of recipientType, first use 'user' and then do second request as 'role'. 

I would have done it this why. First run is to create program to collect all returned request in a catagorical, input would be the resource path locations and iterate through them,
But still good idea maybe to add something like this as a visual represetative to jasperserver, maybe log a feature request.  

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