Collections and Rest API URLs

Good afternoon

I have a report with a parameter that is a java.util.Collection that runs fine in Jaspersoft Studio.

These is to go into the where clause of my SQL query.

I have uploaded the report to Jasperserver but am unable to test as it want's me to search and select values isntead of typing in manually.

When trying to run the report through the REST API, I can add the parameter to the URL, but it doesn't seem to get passed to the report, and the report tries to run without the where clause and all my data is returned.

Any ideas why this might be?


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3 Answers:

Update to this.

I now have this partially working through the API, the only issue is that it will only work if I'm passing more than one value into the collection parameter.

I can workaround this by adding an extra blank value to the query (see example below):



Has anyone else experienced this, and found a fix?






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yes this is the only way for Jasper Report 7.1 


there is no proper documentation/api method details 

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I know this is a pretty old problem, but I'm currently facing the same problem with Jaseper Version 7.8.0.

Even if I pass multiple values to my collection it wont work and resolves in an error.

Can anybody help? I've already created an articel (

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