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I do a post recently about xls, I'm doing a report was printed every sales of the company in all year and I need divide the pages in months, the report worked but I don't know how I divide the sheets,  The solution they gave me does not work, I go to propriets of the report, and I put the like true, I mark the "no pagination" and put a break in a group, every time the field month change the page was supposed to break, but this don't work, I try dismark the "no pagination" but don't change nothing, he make 16 pages, I'm printing just 2 months, it was right to print only two pages.

Anyone knows how this work ? 

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I will start this thread with the config reference :
Property that specifies whether each report page should be written in a different XLS sheet. 
Its value is used as default for the isOnePagePerSheet() Excel export configuration setting.

Default:    false
Scope:    Global | Context | Report
Since:    2.0.1


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