Jasper-report export into pdf file and blank page added in pdf

Jasper-report export to pdf file but after title 1st page blank displayed and total amount missing, so how can i display this total column in pdf file and remove blank space 1st page? This report using in php code for pdf conversion, i expected this answer earlier.

Thank you.

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1 Answer:

Hi vishu, 
This is all about the report design and layout and which band you are using. 

The white page / space your are getting is either a band not removed or space left after your last text cell being used. 

The count might also be a issue in which band you are using, but can also be issue with yur epxression being used in the variable your declares and the time your selected for when the count should occur. 

Maybe share your design or part of it so we can have a look and help your out, if you have not figured out as of yet. 

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