How to authenticate with OIDC in JasperReports using Web Service Datasource?

We are using web service datasource to interact with REST data in Jasper Reports.

That Web Service data source has 2 methods of authentication:

  1. Basic
  2. Google Authentication key

So we cannot query it with our actual security implementation.

Security description:

We are using keycloak and Open ID Connect protocol for protecting the endpoints. Therefore, if we would like to query http://<host>:<port>/endpoint we need to have signed Java Web Tokenon the client (jasper server) side to access it.

Did somebody already had this issue?

Is it possible to solve it without modification in Web Service plugin source code?

Used JasperReports Server version: 6.4.2

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Hey @devdio ,

It is a co-incidence that I have also started to work on something similar. In my opinion, it is possible to solve this without modification in Web Service plugin if we use scriptlets to get the fancy token's etc. But I still need to investigate on this. Feel free to connect with me at to discuss more on the topic outside this channel.



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