Multiple Jasper Reports Instances on Multiple Tomcat Instances


Hello guys,

I'm trying to find some information about multi instancing.

What's already done: One Tomcat 8.5 installation and multilpe Tomcat instances per Catalina. This works pretty well.

What's left: One Jasper Reports Installation and multiple Jasper Reports instances on top of the Tomcats.

Every Tomcat Instance has it's own port. Is it possible to assign multiple Jasper Reports Instances to the specific Tomcat ports? (one Jasper Report instance for one tomcat instance)

I guess I can't use Catalina for this.. I gotta say that I'm not that familiar with neither Tomcat nor Jasper Reports.

If there is any way possible, please tell me - I'm willing to learn :D

Thank you!

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I am not sure....but try to install multiple jasperserver on same tomcat with different webapp name

kaushiklokesh123 - 5 months 4 days ago

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