Crosstab with string list as data result



i'm currently stuck on a crosstab.

I like to achive a list of strings as a result of the measure.

My source looks like this:

Department1 - Name1 - Week50
Department1 - Name2 - Week50
Department1 - Name3 - Week51
Department3 - Name4 - Week51
Department2 - Name5 - Week53
Department2 - Name6 - Week53

The result should look like this, multiple lines as result:

                            Week50       Week51     Week52
Department1    Name1        Name3
Department2                                              Name5
Department3                         Name4


Currently my crosstab shows only the first value. No multiple values.
Anybody knows how to achive this?




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It seems that i'll need to use Incrementer Factory class in order to sum.

But i really don't know which class to use or how does it work??

markus.weisser - 3 years 6 months ago

2 Answers:


Where are u getting your source data from DB, file with delimiter, API, json, xml ? 

Then how is your cross table structured. 
Columns are weeks ? 
Rows are Depoartments ? 
and measures are Names ? 

Also in which band are you placing the crosstab ? 

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Hi, the data is pushed by the application while opening the report in the app. It will be SQL...

Columns are weeks, Rows are departments and measures should be the names of the employees...

I place the cross tab in the page footer

My current output shows only the first value of every cell.

I think, i'm in the need of connecting the strings with an Incrementer Factory class.
But no class i tried is working. I always get an report opening error. (nothing more specific)
I need to know how i connect the string measures with the Incrementer Factory class
in order to show a result list in every crosstab cell...

Do you have a clue?

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