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Hello there, folks!

I am currently trying to create a report for a few hosts from icinga (not icinga2!), together with some relevant monitoring data, like availability etc. Also, I am pretty new to Jasper products and icinga.

When I tried to import the MySQL-database to Jaspersoft Studio, the program freezes (or at least works for 10+ hours, until I cancelled).  The JasperServer needs a .jrxml file to work, which I tried to create using iReport. Here I managed to create a simple template in which host names and IDs are taken via query from the db. Now, getting the actual monitoring data into the report proves to be difficult for me. We are using pnp4nagios to draw graphs in the icinga web interface. This data is stored in an rrd-database, which I am not able to add as source/work with. What am I getting wrong? In the icinga-db are only entries with host names, IDs and more but not what I am looking for.

Is the monitoring data stored elsewhere? Is the rrd-db only for pnp4nagios?

How can i work with the actual monitoring data?

I uploaded a picture I drew in Paint, which shows what I imagine the report to look like:


Thank you in advance!

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