Null return when trying to query Cassandra in Studio 6.4


I have Cassandra 3.10 and Studio 6.4 and am trying to create my first report.

In Repository Explorer I have created a new Data Adapter and tested it successfully, I then try to create a New Report and select the Blank A4 template, after selecting Next I get the Data Source selection which includes my Data Adapter so I select that and get an empty box, if I leave this blank and select Next I get a warning dialog saying I did not provide a query so I go back and enter

select * from counterparty_report ( a table I have created and populated previosly )

so now I select Next again and get another warning dialog saying 'The following problem occurred NULL'

so now I cannot progress

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any result? I face the same issue

omer.etrog - 3 years 4 months ago

Anyone able to get the schema after connecting cassandra as a datasource ?  

supadhyaya - 2 years 11 months ago

1 Answer:


With Jasperserver 7.1 version only Casandra 3.0-3.9 is supported.

For more information refer to below guide:

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