AWS Lambda and JasperStudio 6.4

Has anyone been able to generate Jasper 6.4.0 reports with a Java Lamdba function?  My report is relatively simple, just uses a template, custom fonts and two sub-reports but it has been a struggle to figure out why it is not running.  

A simple report runs fine, but when I increase report complexity by adding a sub-report Lambda fails to generate the report and does not provide a useful error message.  In general, Logging by Lambda is minimal, so it is not clear what is causing the problem.  Subreports are stored on S3 and so is the template.  Also, the reports run fine locally and I know that Lambda is able to connect to the SQL Server database.

Has anyone experience similar problems?  Any tips welcome.

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Have you figured out an answer? I want to use AWS Lambda for PDF generation with JasperSoft library and wonder if this is a good way vs EC2 JasperReports.

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