How to Add Crosstab to End of Table


I am trying to add a crosstab to the end of a table I created because I need to be able to expand the table columns based on the value of a certain field.  I plan to open this in excel since it may end up having quite a few columns.  Is this possible?


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You will need to use two separate report objects in the band (summary band I guess) - table and crosstab. Both can use same data set or you can use different data sets. When exporting to Excel though I'd recommend to put them both on different sheets as crosstab columns and table columns can have different size and that can cause the exporter to merge a lot of cells and generally give you a messy output. To force a page break add a break element between Table and Crosstab elements. To force Excel exporter to print each page on it's own sheet use this property in the report:

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