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Hi Folks

I am trying to use the visualize.js library. I am using it in the demo mode basic authentication. the demo works fine. I get the graph.

when I login to my jasperserver locally with the sam user credentials I can also get the graph.

However, when I point the jsfiddle to use my internal server, I get nothing. If I use postman to "post" a request to my local jasperserver for the visualize.js library

that works fine, I get "stuff" returned. I have to believe it is some configuration settings on my local jasperserver !!!! but what and how do I trouble shoot this

ajy help appreciated.

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1 Answer:

Visualize.js needs to point to a client, there is no extra configuration there. Underneath it's all just regular REST v2 wrapper calls. Might want to check the developer tools (console and network tab) for more information on what is going on on the client side.

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