Using a parameter with schedule purpose only

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I have a report that right now only has one filter. This report is consult by multiple persons inside the company. It can not be modified. However this report is useful to other employees if I apply an extra filter based on another column.
I wonder if it is possible to create a parameter  with a specific value that does not affect the results that the report provides, but at the same time use it in the schedule option to set the values that some specific employees requiere, and send by mail the report each one of them need.
The idea is to make invisible the input control associated for the users but visible for the parameter section in the schedule option.
Until now I have not reach this solution.
Is it possible to do something like that?
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unfortunately that isn't really possible. If you create a parameter and an input control for a parameter then it will be usable during both regular report execution and scheduled execution. Making it exclusive to one of the flows is not possible.

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