Repository Explorer docking

Jasper Studio 6.3

I am very frustrated to not able to find a way to dock the Repository Explorer back. Does anyone know where that control is located which docks all the windows back to default or at least docks Repository Explorer?




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To reset the interface to the default perspective, select Window > Reset Perspective.

I wish there was another way to just dock the orphan windows as resetting perspective to default cleared all my settings.

dprogrammer - 6 years 3 months ago

1 Answer:

Yeah, it's the JSS manual:

Eclipse Interface

In Eclipse terminology, the initial layout of the Jaspersoft Studio interface is called a perspective. The default Jaspersoft Studio perspective contains an editor area and views. Some views appear by themselves, while others are stacked together in tabbed notebooks. You can open and close views and drag them to different positions in the Eclipse workbench.

  To open a window you have closed, select Window > Open View from the menu. Select the window you want to open from the drop-down list.
  To reset the interface to the default perspective, select Window > Reset Perspective.
  To save a perspective, select Window > Save Perspective As and enter a name for your perspective.


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