Jaspersoft Studio: Input Control kept reverting to Single Value

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Hello, Jaspersoft Community.

I would like to ask about this kind of bug when using Jaspersoft Studio. The scenario is as follows:

  1. I have a Parameter called 'Param1'
  2. I have an Input Control with ID 'Param1'. but the Name is 'Parameter', and the Type is a "Single Query"
  3. Whenever I save the JRXML, the Wizard will instantly publish that 'Parameter' becomes 'Param1' and the type is forced to become "Single Value"
  4. If I change the Input Control ID into something else outside 'Param1', then the form stays, but it will become unattached with the Parameter, so whatever I input there will not be put into the Parameter.

How do I work around that one and make sure when I publish it, Parameter-Single Query stays as Parameter-Single Query?

Thank you.

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1 Answer:

This happens when parameter ID in Report Unit is different than Input Control ID. If parameter has 'Is for prompting' property to true, JasperSoft Studio understand that doesn't exit an input control with its ID and publish it to a new Input Control for matching IDs.


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