Passing parameters(not fileds) from master report to the subreport

Dear users,

I am a begginer in developing reports using Jasper Report. At present, I faced with a problem that I can not solve it. As a matter of fact, I have a main report and a subreport. Furthermore, I want filling a text field in the main report using calculated value of subreport. now, I want to pass a parameter from main report to the subreport and do a query in subreport based on passed parameter. When I pass fields(not parameter) from main report to the subreport, the query of subreport is done corectly and the text field are filled with corect value. While, when I pass parameter(not field) from main report, query of subreport is not done corectly and the text field of main report remain blank.

Also, I have read and tested approaches that mentioned in the Jaspersoft Community, but i can not solve it.

Could you please help me to solve this problem in passing parameters from main report to the subreort?

I thanks for your consideration in advance.

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1 Answer:

I am actually having the opposite issue... I just posted my question, so maybe if you figured it out, you could look at mine.  But have you tried in your parameters list of subreport properties... using $P{variable_name}.  Im sure you have.  But figured I would try to help out.

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