How to fetch owner details of a Report

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I am stuck with a problem & need help for the same. I have different versions of executed reports saved on the Jasper Server with data(.pdf, .xls etc). By using the database I want to know the owner of those file.

Since the database schema is very new to me I am unable to fetch the desired result.

I want to know the owner & the Url of all such files.

Any help would be great. Thanks in advance..!!!


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Thanks a lot. That worked perfectly.

famykhan4u - 6 years 7 months ago

1 Answer:

the jasperserver uses postgres database and this database can be accessed from the pgadmin tool.

Add a connection in pgadmin to your postgres database. check this site

In the jasperserver database, execute below query in pgadmin and it will return the required resultset.

select,, jr.label, jr.creation_date,ja.user_id, ju.username
   From jiresource jr, jiaccessevent ja, jiuser ju
where = ja.resource_id
and ja.user_id =
and ( like '%.pdf' or like '%.xls%')

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