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How to fetch owner details of a Report

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Hello Guys,

I am stuck with a problem & need help for the same. I have different versions of executed reports saved on the Jasper Server with data(.pdf, .xls etc). By using the database I want to know the owner of those file.

Since the database schema is very new to me I am unable to fetch the desired result.

I want to know the owner & the Url of all such files.

Any help would be great. Thanks in advance..!!!


Thanks & regards,

Fahim Khan

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the jasperserver uses postgres database and this database can be accessed from the pgadmin tool.

Add a connection in pgadmin to your postgres database. check this site


In the jasperserver database, execute below query in pgadmin and it will return the required resultset.

select jr.id, jr.name, jr.label, jr.creation_date,ja.user_id, ju.username
   From jiresource jr, jiaccessevent ja, jiuser ju
where jr.id = ja.resource_id
and ja.user_id = ju.id
and (jr.name like '%.pdf' or jr.name like '%.xls%')

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