Saving a parameter that has 35 or more selections errors out

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I am getting a java error whenever I tried to save a parameter which has 35 or more pre-selected value. In my report parameter, I have a list called type which has 60+ items. One of the users of the report wants to have the one that she always runs to automatically select the type she always selects each time. So she gave me the list of the items she always select, it was 37 items. When I tried selecting them one by one just to make sure that I don't have bad strings in the selection, I found out that the max items I can save is about 35 items.

Is there anything I can do to make it so it won't error out when I try to save it? or much better, is there a way that takes that limit off?



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1 Answer:

Have you tried "Input control" ?

help link below





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