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  1. Hi! I just converted from Jasper Studio Pro 5.6 to 7.1 and one thing I noticed is that my MultiSelect parameter is now getting an SQL DECFLOAT error. My parameter BranchList is of type java.util.List, and in my query I have it coded like this: $X{IN, BranchPrimaryKey, BranchList}. Back in 5.6, I can run the same report without getting that error, but in 7.1, it is now telling me the said SQL Error. In my observation on the changes between 5.6 and 7.1, it seems that in 7.1 the input control for MultiSelect or List in the Preview tab now contains a value of No Elements. Upon looking further, it seems that this value is also part of the List. In 5.6 it tells you 0 elements selected and the list is empty. Is this as-designed or is there a workaround for it? It would be ideal to do testing inside Jaspersoft Studio itself, because right now I am publishing it first to the repository in order to test out the Input control. Thank you!
  2. Hi, I am getting a java error whenever I tried to save a parameter which has 35 or more pre-selected value. In my report parameter, I have a list called type which has 60+ items. One of the users of the report wants to have the one that she always runs to automatically select the type she always selects each time. So she gave me the list of the items she always select, it was 37 items. When I tried selecting them one by one just to make sure that I don't have bad strings in the selection, I found out that the max items I can save is about 35 items. Is there anything I can do to make it so it won't error out when I try to save it? or much better, is there a way that takes that limit off? Thanks, Philip
  3. Hi! I have some questions regarding the table element in Jaspersoft Studio. 1. Which band in the main report do you usually put the table element? In my case, I used the table element to show all the data so that the user can sort the columns by themselves. I tried putting it in the detail band, and it bomb out my report. Right now, I did it on the summary band. 2. How do you export data from the table element to an excel/csv file without the repeating headers? When I was exporting the report to an excel file, my excel file was empty. So I tried exporting it to a csv file, and although the data is there, the columns are kinda messed up, and it is repeating. It would be awesome if there is a solution for this. Thanks! Philip
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