Scale a Dashboard Using Visualize.js?

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While the Visualize.js API permits the scaling of reports, the API does not appear to the use of the "scale:" attribute for dashboards.

So my question is this: how to programmatically scale a dashboard renderered through Visualize.js?



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Did you get anywhere with this one, richbl?

I'm getting dashlets shrinking right down to a quarter their size, within the dashboard.

Zlyx - 6 years 5 months ago

No official response. However, I did some research and it appears that dashboards are comprised of reports which are HighCharts objects. And because of this nesting, it's not possible to apply scaling to the child of an object (in general, it's generally considered bad design to draw into a hidden object in HTML/CSS).

In our case, since our problem was redraw issues of nested reports in a dashboard (hence the desire to re-scale the dashboard and force a redraw), we decided to simply redraw the entire dashboard after it was displayed/resized.

To put some visual context to the problem, see, which was our use case for the problem. In the end, when the user tabs to a new dashboard, rather than attempting to rescale, we just redraw.



richbl - 6 years 5 months ago

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