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  1. I solved it now. At first I created two variables and then used the following condition: !($F{Sell-to Customer Name 2} == null || $F{Sell-to Customer Name 2}.trim().isEmpty())?$V{addr_displ2} :$V{addr_displ1}
  2. I found how to change the number format but where I can change the start increment value?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm using $V{REPORT_COUNT} for my line/row numbers. How I can change the format of the incremented number that it will look like 001 instead of 1 and how I can change the start value 1 to 0? Thanks for any hints.
  4. I have in my report a text field where the name and address is shown in this way: $F{Customer Name 1} +"\n"+ $F{Customer Name 2} +"\n"+ $F{Address} +"\n"+"\n"+ $F{Country} How I can remove a blank line when $F{Customer Name 2} is blank? Inside the database the field is not null it's just empty/blank. I tried the following condition but it seems that it doesn't work. In my report preview I still got the blank line if Customer Name 2 is blank. $F{Customer Name 2} ==" " ? $F{Customer Name 1} +"\n"+ $F{Address} +"\n"+"\n"+ $F{Country} : $F{Customer Name 1} +"\n"+ $F{Customer Name 2} +"\n"+ $F{Address} +"\n"+"\n"+ $F{Country} I already setup the text field "Remove Line When Blank" but this also doesn't work. Even to check field is not null doesn't work $F{Customer Name 2} == null ? Any ideas what I did wrong?
  5. Hi everyone, I'm quite new to Jaspersoft Studio. I added a "Summy Band" to my report design. When I add an empty texfield and create a sum variable I'm not able to find my amount field at the expression builder? I'm using the latest community edition. Thanks for any advice.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm new to Jaspersoft Studio. I created a very simple report in order to test the functionality. Preview looks ok. But if I want to export the jrxml file I got this error (see attached file). Why do I need static text in my column header? Because there are already static texts. And why I have to place at detail a text field holder? I already tried to put sth. like in the error mentioned but I still get this error message. Thanks in advance for any help.
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