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  1. I am considering using Jaspersoft Studio Community Edition for reporting and analytics in my organization. However, I have a concern regarding data storage and security. I want to understand if there is any possibility of user data, reports, or developments created in Jaspersoft Studio being stored or shared in any external, shared, or cloud-based environment by default or without explicit configuration. Can someone from the Jaspersoft team or an experienced user provide a definitive statement regarding the data storage practices of Jaspersoft Studio Community Edition? Is it true that all data remains locally stored and under the control of the user's organization unless explicitly configured otherwise? Any official documentation, links, or community resources addressing this specific concern would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your insights and clarification on this important matter.
  2. We are looking to use the Jaspersoft Studio for creating jasper reports in PTC Windchill PLM. The commercial edition of Jaspersoft seems to offer a comprehensive suite of tools including JasperReports Server, Jaspersoft Studio, JasperReports Web Studio, and JasperReports IO. We don't need all of this we only need Jaspersoft Studio. I'd like to understand if the Jaspersoft commercial edition is required for enterprise use or we can go with Jaspersoft community edition? If Commercial Edition is required, can you please explain what are the licensing options. per named user, not tied to a specific user, per enterprise, costs? etc
  3. We are interested in purchasing a Jaspersoft Studio license, but we're unsure about which version of Jaspersoft Studio aligns with our current software setup. Our software currently utilizes JasperReports Library version 6.20.1. if there is a software matrix reference available, it would greatly assist us in making an informed decision.
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