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  1. Jaspersoft is no longer able to support the community edition of JasperReports Server. However, the product will continue to be available and supported in our JaspersoftⓇ commercial edition. If you would like to try JasperReports Server and experience its robust capabilities first-hand, register for a 30-day trial of our commercial edition. Please see our FAQs here.
  2. Hello @JorgeMartin Jaspersoft Studio is no longer open source but freely available as binaries. JasperReports Library is open source LGPL.
  3. Hello @shaun.kellysource code can be made available with our commerical edition. Please contact us to connect with our sales team or you can take a free 30 day trial here.
  4. @shanematthewmiller JasperReports Server won't cease to function, it's completely up to your team if you want to continue using the software. If you are interested in professional support, legal indemnities, and advanced capabilities to design and deliver any report, any where , please check out a free trial of our commerical edition.
  5. Hello @hpowell Our queries are all real-time. So the time will depend on the query/data fetch time + ad hoc rendering time. It all comes to the data size you are rendering and type of visualization in ad hoc. Connecting you to another forum topic if it is helpful. Would you like to get in touch with one of our solutions engineers to discuss your use case in more detail?
  6. @franky4 you should now be able to close this announcement. Thank you!
  7. Hello, here is our upgrade documentation - does this provide the help you need?
  8. @idf Apologies for any delay however, we did not see a request come through. If you would like us to get in touch, please give me a thumbs up or fill out this form at your convenience. Thank you!
  9. @andrew_50 Thank you for posting, our team is in contact and will be following up with you today. Please let us know if there is anything else we can be of help with. We have many purchasing options available from professional licensing through Jaspersoft or hourly options through several cloud service providers.
  10. @franky4 We provide a free download of the latest version on our community site and are unable to provide previous installers. A commerical edition license provides access to the source code, you can take a free trial to experience the added features and functionality here.
  11. @dila, Our commercial edition has a lot of additional features and value added capabilities while also providing legal protections and professional support to your core business product. Our team would love to learn more about your use case and share more details. Would you be available for a brief conversation? If so, can you please give me a thumbs up or send me a message? I would love to reach out to you via email and coordinate a convenient time. Thank you!
  12. @DanielVelkov, We are no longer hosting downloads of JasperReports Server community edition. The product will continue to be available and supported in our Jaspersoft commercial edition. If you would like to download JasperReports Server, please take a 30-day trial where you also get access to JasperReports Web Studio, a web-based version of desktop Jaspersoft Studio, and JasperReports IO, our embeddable microservice engine. Please reach out with any questions!
  13. On January 25, 2024 we announced changes to our JaspersoftⓇ community edition downloads, which included the retirement of JasperReportsⓇ Server community edition. Since that announcement, we have released Jaspersoft Studio 6.21.1 with a modified BSD-type license that is limited to binary code use, not source code. This change in license type required us to remove access from open-source sites and retire earlier versions. Over the last several months we determined the need to realign our product and engineering efforts to invest more into the JasperReports Server commercial edition, while continuing to offer the popular JasperReports Library as an open-source offering and to freely distribute Jaspersoft Studio community edition, one of the most downloaded report designers. This decision was based on the internal development resources required to maintain and improve JasperReports Server community edition, while also needing to invest in JasperReports Web Studio, in response to increased customer demand for fully web-based, cloud native solutions. We hope this information provides you more insight into the need for these changes. Please visit our FAQs for more information, or if you have any questions, you can send a message through our Contact Us link at the bottom of the community website page. Thank you for being a valued member of our Jaspersoft community.
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