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  1. I need to export my report in xls and need my page header to print on the top and not disappear as I scroll down through rest of the columns. I have the name of the report and the date in the page header band. I need this band to freeze when I export to xls. Help appretiated.
  2. Hello, I have a report were I need to make 3 separate set of groups each with has its own sorting. How can I achieve this ? The structure that needs to be created looks something like this: Group 1 header (group by emp name, sort account) Group 2 header (group by company, sort salary) Group 3 header (group by department, sort compensation) Detail Group 3 footer Group 2 footer Group 1 footer Help appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hello, I need to make an excel report where I need to group the data by the company_name. I need to print the data for each group on a different sheet in the same excel document. How can I achieve this ? Regards, Denzil Dsouza.
  4. Hello rpachipu, Thanks for your explanation. The main issue that I face is that my dataset queries that I use to execute and print data in tables have parameters to be passed which I am taking from the main report. How can I reference those parameters while executing the query for my table dataset ? Thanks.
  5. Hello, I need to execute multiple queries and compare their results at the end. I made multiple datasets in my report for it with the different queries. But I am unable to use the fields in my report. for instance I have a dataset created orders what has a field order_id. I try to use this field by using $F{orders.order_id}. I report doesn't recognize this. Appreciate any assistance. Thanks.
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