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  1. I have some customizations inside my 6.1.1 server, we are planning to migrate to the 8.0.3 and we don´t create any extensions/modules for the customizations inside the source code. Have someone in here made something similar to this?
  2. USER_ID, SITE_ID and SITE_NAME should come from the db.
  3. I have the ip of my db but I don´t have the server. I need to connect my report to that db so I can run it. Can someone help me with this? The USER_ID, SITE_ID and SITE_NAME should come from that DB. Thanks!
  4. Hello guys, Im reviewing a report inside my server but the parent folder is wrong in the Content Resource and it doesn´t allow me to change the path! My connection to the server is with SOAP protocol. Instead of 29, it should be 45! Any ideas on how to change the parent folder?
  5. We have the JasperSoft Server 6.1 version and we run the reports in there, but we want to migrate them to the new 8.0.1v. Does anyone have complications or face something similar?
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