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  1. I found a solution. first i thought i have to change the system locale from linux. But this didnt make a change. The Solution was to add some java parmeters to the startup of the tomcat. So i added -Duser.language=de -Duser.region=DE to the SETENV script of the tomcat [jasperserver]/apache-tomcat/bin/setenv.sh after the last line containing java_opts i added JAVA_OPTS="-Duser.language=de -Duser.region=DE $JAVA_OPTS " # java-locale settings
  2. I use two Jasper servers. My development environment, a jasperserver and jasperstudio, run on a windows computer. My productive environment runs on a Linux server. Both access an oracle database. The Oracle SQL server sorts according to the property "NLS_SORT = German" This results in the following sorting ! _ a A ä b B c C ö ß ü 1 2 3 In my query I sort the result with an "order by"I develop my reports in jasperstudio. The sorting is displayed correctly there.When I run the report in jasperstudio or upload it to my development server. Is the sorting displayed correctly?Now I have the problem that the sorting on the Linux server behaves differently than on the windows computer. In the LinuxServer it seems to be using binary sorting. Which leads to the following sorting. 1 2 3 A B C _ a b c ß ä ö ü Does anyone have an idea why the sorting on a Linux system doesn't take the setting of the database. When I run the query in SQL Developer, the correct sorting is used. Thanks in advance
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