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  1. Ok, I need help with a simple but important problem. I've built a simple case for understand the problem much better. I've 2 Excel file: - Customer data "Customer.xlsx": (ID_Customer, Name, Surname) -Address data "Address.xlsx": (ID_Address, ID_Customer, Address) I would built a report that show the customer data and, for each customer, shown the address line (maybe each customer could have 1 or more address). So, I've created the main report with the fields Name and Surname in the details area. Under the fields I've created a sub-report component and I've also create the sub-report with the wizard process. So now I've the main report and the sub-report. If I tried to show the data from each report... - From the main report I can see the list of customer but I cant'see anything from the sub-report component. - From the sub-report I can see the the list of the addresses of the customer. So I've realized that maybe I can't see the results of sub-report component in Main Report because I've not explicited the relationship between the two reports and what key create the link. So I ask you to describe me what is the problem, because I'm out of mind actually. Thanks so much.
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