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  1. Thanks for the initial answer "Friendly User". I removed the custom JAR file from the MyReports build path, restarted Studio and yes, my custom font was still there (because it's defined in JSS fonts preferences). And now, when I export to PDF, the custom font is also used within the PDF. I was simply following the instructions contained in the referenced knowledge document which said to generate the JAR so that the PDF export would contain the font specified. That step may have been required in prior major releases of JSS but it appears to no longer needed for 7.2.1. All is now good in the custom font world and generating PDFs!!!
  2. I have followed the instructions (excellent!!!) in https://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/custom-font-font-extension but with 7.2.1 I can only export to PDF while JSS is still running. If I quit JSS and start it back up, the font JAR is listed as added to MyReports workspace, I can pick the font when editing a report (contained in MyReports workspace), but when I try to export to PDF I get an error that fonts/myfont/myfont.ttf cannot be found. I found a reference in another post about enabling Java Development under Preferences / General / Capabilities / Development but that has not helped. Any suggestions? It's a pain to remove the JAR and re-add everytime I start JSS and want to export to PDF with a custom font.
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