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  1. Hello ogavavka, thanks for your response ! I will try to implement it soon and update this ticket. Best regards, Arnaud SIMON
  2. Hello everyone, I was wondering if it was possible to embed jasperreport server in an iframe, I know that visualize.js could render reports but I want to embed all jasper features to my website. Do you know if embedding with a cross origin iframe is supported ? Best regards, Arnaud SIMON
  3. Hello, a usefull wiki is available here : https://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/redirect-custom-page-instead-loginhtml-session-timeout-custom-auth
  4. Hello there, Your problem is caused by a default limit on the "resources" API request, if you don't modify the "limit" parameter, only 100 results max will be fetched. Use your query like this to deactivate pagination and fetch all results : http://localhost:8080/jasperserver-pro/rest_v2/resources?limit=0&resourceType=reportUnit. Best regards
  5. Hello everyone, I have implemented a scriptlet which use the jasper REST_V2 API and the jasper credentials appear in clear text inside the java code : "jasper_rest_api_url?j_username=my_jasper_username&j_password=my_jasper_password" I can restrict the permisisons on the report which use the scriptlet but despite low permissions, the user is able to download the scriptlet inside jaspersoft studio (right click on the scriptlet inside the report files + download to file) : Is it possible to disable the download of a file from jasper server based on permissions ? Thanks for your attention. Arnaud simon
  6. Hello everyone, I have recentely configured HTTPS on my JasperReports Server, it works fine and I can use visualize.js with the "https" link. However, I still have an HTTP connector, but I can't use visualize.js with this one. (If I delete my HTTPS connector to serve only in HTTP, visualize is unavailable). Is it possible to use visualize.js with only HTTP connection ? Thanks for your help, Arnaud
  7. Hello everyone, I have recently configured HTTPS for my jasper server and everything works fine, I can access using my domain name. But when I want to use the same domain name for my default 8080 HTTP connector (tomcat/conf/server.xml), I have a 401 error and my webpage is always in reloading mode. Is it needed to configure some files in order to use a domain name to serve jasper as HTTP ? Thanks for your help !
  8. Hello there, I think that it would be easier for you to use default adapters instead of java.sql.Drivermanager, moreover it isn't needed to write credentials. To do so, you need to export your data adapter to a XML file, then publish it to jasperReports server. After, that, configure each "Default Data Adapter" property in each subreport, compile them, compile your main report and publish it without datasource connection. (more information in this jaspersoft documentation : https://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/how-deploy-and-use-data-adapter-tibco-jasperreports-server-v56) Best regards
  9. Hello there, I recently managed to pass values from subreport to main report using the "return values" menu. For example, imagine you have a example_variable in your subreport, just click to return values, add the variable name, create a variable with the same name in your main report with the parameter calculation = "System" (cool site https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7348408/returning-a-value-from-sub-report-to-main-report-in-ireport) Have a great day ! Best regards, Arnaud
  10. Hello, You can create a style in the outline section, modify it to meet your needs then select all your text fields and apply the style : -> -> Regards
  11. I finally found how to use a UUID in a mongo query. You should first convert your UUID in base64, to do so I used 2 online converters, the first one gave me the 12 first base64 caracters, the second one the 12 last (yes, this is strange). To give you a concrete example : Basic UUID : 41e73145-2489-54e1-d2fc-d400bea5e9b1 Site 1 : QecxRSSJVOHS/AAA1AC+pQ Site 2 : RTHnQYkk4VTS/NQAvqXpsQ== Final base64 result : QecxRSSJVOHS/NQAvqXpsQ== Then to use it in Jasper, you'll need this syntax : _id: new BinData(4,"QecxRSSJVOHS/NQAvqXpsQ==")
  12. The solution is overhere : https://community.jaspersoft.com/jasperreports-server/issues/10886 """ Post 19 : Probably *not* in JSS, but in JRS, you could try replacing two JAR's with their latest versions here: https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/org/mongodb/mongo-java-driver/3.10.2/mong... https://jaspersoft.jfrog.io/jaspersoft/jaspersoft-repo/com/jaspersoft/co... Post 20 : @kkumlien 's solution worked for me. Steps I took were the following: 1. Download both .jar specified in post #19 2. Go to "{jasperserver_root}apache-tomcatwebappsjasperserverWEB-INFlib" 3. Remove old versions of jars ("js-mongodb-datasource-2.0.9.jar" and "mongo-java-driver-3.3.0.jar" in my case) 4. Paste downloaded jars 5. Restart JR Server """
  13. Hello everyone, I try to make a findQuery for mongoDB in jaspersoft studio but when I try to use a UUID in the process, I always have 0 results. Example query : { 'collectionName' : 'Orders', 'findQuery' : { "_id" : UUID("4925b1a6-5cd6-6d19-9f2a-7a0083a7bb9a") } } Is there something wrong in my query in your opinion ? Thanks for your help
  14. Hello everyone, I try to create a UUID parameter from a string and I had an error message : java.util.UUID.fromString cannot be resolved to a type Same error if I want to create a random UUID with java.util.UUID.randomUUID Does anybody know how to create a UUID from String in jasper, or if it's possible to use UUIDs in the first place ? Thanks in advance
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