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  1. Hi, I'm using a highchart component from highcharts which is present in the jaspersoft studio. The heatmaps in highcharts are now scrollable when seen in jsfiddle by changing the xAxis.scrollbar.enabled = true.But in jaspersoft studio, there's no such property. Adding a user-defined property also doesn't help and no changes can be seen. Is there a way in which heatmaps can be scrolled? I know that this feature is present in highcharts but I cannot find it in the studio html5 highcharts. P.S: xAxis.min = 0 and xAxis.max= 5 was set but still, no scrollbar appeared. Thank You, Avirup.
  2. The dashboard consists of mutiple reports. The entire dashboard export is working but for individual eports, the export functionality is not working for safari browser. Could someone help me with this? Also, on export for chrome, a pop-up blocked message shows. Could we bypass that somehow for better UI? Thank you fot the help.
  3. Hello, I'm new to Jaspersoft community and am stuck with a problem. I have an input control based on which a particular report opens. This input control accepts the value from a URL. When set to visible, it is working properly. But when visibility checkbox is unchecked, and the report is run again on server, no report is running. Could anyone help me with this? Also, these reports are present in dashboards and filter mapping is done. Would setting an input control to 'not visible' afftect the behaviour? Obviously, I'm missing something. Please help. Thanks.
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