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  1. There's been a lot of posts over the internet about exported PDF reports not displaying characters. I've found a solution here, to install the fonts .jar file: https://community.jaspersoft.com/questions/1012491/pdf-encoding-not-printing-characters-export I put the .jar file in my "lib" folder under the project, but how can I use the DejaVu Sans font in my reports? Or maybe there's a better solution? Also, when I'm generating the report via web application, do I need to put the .jar somewhere on the server and if yes, where? This is the .jar file in the project build path: And this is my font list under the same project: Shouldn't this list be filled with the custom fonts?
  2. I've created a report and now it's ready to be added to the webapp. My problem is, I didn't create the webapp and all I've got so far is the location of the previous report templates that also are generated through this application. What else do I need to know if I want my report to be generated? Should I find a JasperServer location? Is it even needed for it, because I couldn't find it in any directory? Where do I setup the configuration for it to be exported to .xls format? I've seen some information on the Internet that I need Apache ant and some database tables? Can anyone explain me how this works?
  3. This is ridiculous, how I try to do something for an hour, post the question and then get the solution myself. This link shows the list of parameters, but as I'm new to the Jasper, I make stupid mistakes. https://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/xls-export-parameters-jasperreports-server I've tried to put the "ignore cell border" property this way: <property name="ignoreCellBorder" value="true"/> I don't know why the examples are written this way under the above link, but when I put this: <property name="net.sf.jasperreports.export.xls.ignore.cell.border" value="false"/> It started working.
  4. I've just started learning to work with JasperServer and uploaded my report. When I export my report to .xls from my local directory, everything works just fine. The problem is, when I want to generate the .xls report from the server, it deletes cell borders from my report. Why is this happening? I've found this property: <property name="net.sf.jasperreports.export.xls.white.page.background" value="false"/> under this link: https://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/tips-exporting-excel Still, it's not working. Maybe I'm putting it in a wrong spot? I don't think it matters though, but here is the part of my XML code where I put the above property: And also, heres a screenshot with the looks of my report after exporting to .xls using the server: Thanks for help
  5. I'm trying to create a report that's taking an Office and Survey as its parameters. I have to create a table, almost 100% sure it has to be a crosstab, that will display the input office's departments and their answers to the survey's questions - I don't know the number of questions or the departments. I created a proper crosstab thats displaying both question names (rows) and departments (columns) along with their respective answers (measure), but rows are sorted alphabetically. I've tried the "data pre sorted" checkbox and it sorted the rows in the correct order, but the answers are returning null values since then. How can I fix this? Is there way to sort the rows in a different order than just using "Data Pre Sorted" checkbox? PROBLEM SOLVED: I managed to turn off sorting for rows only and I got both the proper row order and matching measures. I worked it out this way: double clicked on the crosstab in Outline -> then, in the crosstab outline i expanded crosstab -> then expanded row groups -> clicked on the row group -> Properties -> Cell tab -> in the Bucket section, I switched "Order" to "None"
  6. Ok, I found it. You have to go to Crosstab properties, click on Dataset and after that scroll to the very bottom to see the checkbox.
  7. I've been working on a crosstab recently, and everything is working fine but one - it sorts the rows alphabetically. In User Guide, I read that "Unlike in the main report, JasperReports will sort the data for you, although you can disable this function to speed up the fill process if your data is already sorted." I've been looking for the "Data is pre sorted" checkbox people talk about in the internet, but I can't find it. Where is this checkbox and is this the solution? https://community.jaspersoft.com/questions/543124/how-can-you-disable-crosstab-row-group-sorting Here they say to right-click the crosstab and then "crosstab data". I don't see this option here. I'm using Jaspersoft Studio 6.4.3 version.
  8. I need to get fields from Database, that you can get in SQL with this very complex query: SELECT "Id", "ZlecenieId", "PytanieId", (SELECT "Nazwa" FROM "Dokumenty"."KwestionariuszSamoocenySzablonPytan" WHERE "Id" = Z."PytanieId"), (SELECT "SciezkaRaport" FROM "Dokumenty"."KwestionariuszSamoocenySzablonPytan" WHERE "Id" = Z."PytanieId") FROM "Dokumenty"."KwestionariuszSamoocenyPytania" AS Z WHERE "ZlecenieId" = $P{my Parameter here} ORDER BY "PytanieId" ASC How can I rewrite it so Jaspersoft can understand it? I've tried something like this: SELECT "Dokumenty"."KwestionariuszSamoocenyPytania"."Id" , "Dokumenty"."KwestionariuszSamoocenyPytania"."ZlecenieId", "Dokumenty"."KwestionariuszSamoocenyPytania"."PytanieId" (SELECT "Dokumenty"."KwestionariuszSamoocenySzablonPytan"."Nazwa" FROM "Dokumenty"."KwestionariuszSamoocenySzablonPytan" WHERE "Dokumenty"."KwestionariuszSamoocenySzablonPytan"."Id" = Z. "Dokumenty"."KwestionariuszSamoocenyPytania"."PytanieId"), (SELECT "Dokumenty"."KwestionariuszSamoocenySzablonPytan"."SciezkaRaport" FROM "Dokumenty"."KwestionariuszSamoocenySzablonPytan" WHERE "Dokumenty"."KwestionariuszSamoocenySzablonPytan"."Id" = Z. "Dokumenty"."KwestionariuszSamoocenyPytania"."PytanieId") FROM "Dokumenty"."KwestionariuszSamoocenyPytania" AS Z WHERE "Dokumenty"."KwestionariuszSamoocenyPytania"."ZlecenieId" = $P{myParameterHere} ORDER BY "Dokumenty"."KwestionariuszSamoocenyPytania"."PytanieId" ASC But it indicates two errors: Missing FROM at '(' – at the second SELECT clause Z) Missing EOF at 'FROM' – at the 3rd FROM clause Is it even possible to translate this kind of query to Jaspersoft? EDIT: I solved the problem. I copy pasted the standard SQL statement and changed it a bit, so it looks this way: SELECT Z."Id" , Z."ZlecenieId" , Z."PytanieId", (SELECT "Dokumenty"."KwestionariuszSamoocenySzablonPytan"."Nazwa" FROM "Dokumenty"."KwestionariuszSamoocenySzablonPytan" WHERE "Dokumenty"."KwestionariuszSamoocenySzablonPytan"."Id" = Z."PytanieId"), (SELECT "Dokumenty"."KwestionariuszSamoocenySzablonPytan"."SciezkaRaport" FROM "Dokumenty"."KwestionariuszSamoocenySzablonPytan" WHERE "Id" = Z."PytanieId") FROM "Dokumenty"."KwestionariuszSamoocenyPytania" AS Z WHERE "ZlecenieId" = $P{myParameterHere} ORDER BY "PytanieId" ASC Also, there was a problem with incorrect use of =, so I realized I also had to change the used parameter property, to Integer in this case. There was also some error I can't remember the message of right now, but I just copied the query, closed the window and opened it again. It works fine now. @narcism, I created another thread, because I thought it to be different enough than the previous one, but after a closer look maybe you're right. Still, thanks again for quick response. After you asked what's wrong with the original SQL, I realized I could just copy-paste it instead of trying to manually "translate" it to the Jaspersoft, and see what happens. This helped a lot.
  9. Hi narcism, thanks for an answer. I've already read this article and tried to create a field this way, but after I click "OK" nothing happens. So, after following the instructions, I suppose I have "registered" the field. But why doesn't it appear in the Fields list? How am I supposed to use it in my report?
  10. I want to generate fields in my report that match a certain condition, for example: 1. I've got a survey with ID 40 2. I want to select all "question_name" values from table "questions", where "survey_id" = 40 How can I do that? I assume that my "question_name" values are fields I need to display in my Detail band, but where do I put the SQL query that will enable me to do so? Do I use parameters/variable for this?
  11. I need to create a report for an office, which has some_number of its "suboffices" (I don't know how many). Also, I have to display name of each suboffice in my report in horizontal alignment, because each of them will be a column header. How can I do this? Is it even possible to create a dynamic number of columns in Jaspersoft?
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