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  1. I have a json data source for a table element in my report. my json is- [{ "line_num": { "oldVal": "1", "newVal": "5" }, "product1": { "oldVal": "product1old", "newVal": "product1new" } }, { "line_num": { "oldVal": "4", "newVal": "7" }, "product2": { "oldVal": "product2old", "newVal": "product2new" } } ] .and that worked for my report, but then I needed to add the columns and table headers so I tried to add it as an own object in that json array above like this: [{ "tableH": "My Table Header" , "col1H": "Line No." , "col2H": "My Product" }, { "line_num": { "oldVal": "1", "newVal": "5" }, "product1": { "oldVal": "product1old", "newVal": "product1new" } }, { "line_num": { "oldVal": "4", "newVal": "7" }, "product2": { "oldVal": "product2old", "newVal": "product2new" } } ] but the problem is that when there is a lot of lines larger then the page's height, the headers on the second page were null which does make sense because the first obj (the headers obj) is unknown from the second line on, but I have no idea how to pass my headers from server in another way. the only way that worked is to add all of the headers to each obj in the array, but I can not do it because its wrong. I also tried to put the lines as an array like this: [{ "tableH": "My Table Header" , "col1H": "Line No." , "col2H": "My Product" , "Lines": [{ "line_num": { "oldVal": "1", "newVal": "5" }, "product1": { "oldVal": "product1old", "newVal": "product1new" } }, { "line_num": { "oldVal": "4", "newVal": "7" }, "product2": { "oldVal": "product2old", "newVal": "product2new" } } ] } ] but then the fields did not pass correctly, it passed for example for - lines.line_num.newVal , the field is : ["5","7"]. I really need help with that and I'll appreciate any helpful reply.
  2. I have a report with 4 tables, and when trying to work with a big data (at least one column has a big data) from data source the first page displayed an empty page if the data lenght is longer then the page height, and data starts to display only from the second page. why is that?
  3. ok I solved it. didnt saw that 'remove line when blank' element..
  4. Hi, I craeted a table with the table element (not 'column header' and 'details' bands), and I have one cell that I input a few fildes in it, and I need that when some of the fildes is empty it will be totally removed and not just blank (because each filed has a diffrent background color), and that's why 'blank when null' element is not helping me here. anyone know haw can I do it??
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