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  1. Hi everybody, since a Java and Jasper update, the "new" HtmlExporter class creates for each html file a folder with a css and font file. I am working with ARIAL.TTF. The fonts.jar was always a part of the project and is in the lib folder. In the previous version with Java 1.7 and jasperrepors-4.5.0.jar i used the JRHtmlExporter class to generate the file -> this was working fine JRHtmlExporter jrHtmlExporter = new JRHtmlExporter(); jrHtmlExporter.setParameter(JRHtmlExporterParameter.JASPER_PRINT, print); jrHtmlExporter.setParameter(JRHtmlExporterParameter.IS_USING_IMAGES_TO_ALIGN, false); jrHtmlExporter.setParameter(JRHtmlExporterParameter.OUTPUT_FILE_NAME, filePathAndName); jrHtmlExporter.exportReport();[/code]After the update "jasperreports-5.6.1.jar" - JRHtmlExporter was deprecated The current code is using the HtmlExporter HtmlExporter htmlExporter = new HtmlExporter();htmlExporter.setExporterInput(new SimpleExporterInput(print));htmlExporter.setExporterOutput(new SimpleHtmlExporterOutput(filePathAndName));htmlExporter.exportReport();[/code]After the change the behavior is different. How can i changed that? Thx for your help
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