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  1. When creating an ad-hoc view in JaserReports Server, any sorting instructions when creating the view seem to be ignored. Grouping works. Crosstab views sort natively based on the order of the dimensions. But a basic view without any grouping will take a sorting instruction but it won't save the sorting instruction and does not sort as instructed. Anybody seen this or know how to get around the problem?
  2. This may be an old post, but we're finding the same thing. We have AWS using version 6.3.0. We have several domains and a few dozen ad-hoc views. In any view, clicking the sort button on the toolbar will show the sorting options. A field may be selected. When closing the screen, the sort does not take effect. Re-opening the sort dialog indicates no sort options are selected. In short, Jaspersoft Server does not appear to be saving the sort selections. Any help would be helpful.
  3. I've confirmed that version 6.3.0 build 20160621_1840 does not update the schema in the domain automatically. I can click OK and Submit on the Domain several times and the columns to choose from are still not reflecting a field recently added to the source. If I restart Tomcat, the moment I go back into the Domain Designer, the new fields are available.
  4. So it is interesting. Once I do a schema change, the first time I go to edit the domain in the designer, the browser just spins forever. I restart Tomcat and then return to the designer and the new filed is there.
  5. The documentation suggests that opening a domain, clicking OK, and then re-opening the domain will refresh the source schema. I've noticed this does work for new tables. But I have an existing table already part of a set and participating in joins in the domain. I've added a column to the source table. I cannot figure out a way to "refresh" the table definition and expose the new column within the domain. I don't really want to unselect the effected table since I will lose all my joins, and display modifications. Does anyone know how to see new table columns within a selected table in an existing domain?
  6. I have 6.3 server. I can create two different db datasources and combine them in a domain with a virtual ds. I can create a web service ds and the system allows me to add the web service ds to the virtual ds. But I can't figure out where in the domain structure, I would put the equivalent of the query details (base URI, get params, etc). Can web service datasources be combined with db datasources and joins within a domain?
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