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  1. If you know the max line per page then you may add new variable to control it. Then use the created variable as you page number.
  2. I had tried create a variable to count the row inside a page in order to print/hide certain fields. But the problem is when second page is blank, value of variable in second page will carry the first page value to display. So when two pages variable is the same, the print when expression i used is not longer valid. Below is the example from the report i had print out. Noted that the 14 is the value of the variable i had created. Both page 1 and 2 carry same value when the second is blank. Page 1 Page 2
  3. Hi, I have to print a range of documents from 1 - 10. Each documents itself has its own total pages. Eg: doc 1 has total pages 1 doc 2 has total pages 3 doc 3 has total pages 1 doc 4 has total pages 5 i using page footer band to drop in textfields. but certain textfields i need to hide as the page is not the last page of that particular document. ***Last page footer can't be used as it only print on last page of document 10. Please suggest this if any one knows..
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