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  1. Hello Team, We are facing an issue while running reports on jasper server as they are not displaying in proper format (we have tables in which the column labels text are coming in new line inspite of abundant space in the first line to accomodate the full word) in one of the jasper servers, while there is no issue in the display of all other similar jasper servers. All the servers are of same version, and have same configuration (which we have checked by comparing server exports). Thanks
  2. Hello Team, I have a multi select input parameter and i am not selecting any value while scheduling the report , in this case the scheduled report output always show 'null' for that parameter. In addition to above, when i export the above scheduled report and import it on the same server then it shows 'no data band' , even when the data is present in the database. Please help me out how to handle multi select parameter. Thanks
  3. I have changed maxFileSize and fileNameRegexp properties from ..WEB-INF/flows/fileResourceBeans.xml and ALLOWED_FILE_RESOURCE_EXTENSIONS property from jasperserver-pro/scripts/resource.locate.js but there is no changes at the server level. Please anybody could help over the issue.I'm really stuck up over this.
  4. I want to change page height dynamicaaly according to the data in that page. As there are lots of blank space due to large page height of the report. I have to accomodate 500 rows in one page. For that I have incresed the page height and added a group inside the table dataset with condition to print 500 rows in one page. But, the height of table varies as it depends on the data.Due to which there are lots of white spaces inside the page report. So, is there any way to dynamically deceide height of each page (as height of each page inside the report will be different).
  5. I need to retrive value from the date picker field from my report by customized jsp, I am able to retrive data from input field but not able do the same from date picker. Please can anybody tell how could I retreive it without any id.
  6. I have provided page break in a column of table at the detail band so that it prints only an exact amount of rows in one page of report.....But, due to this the last row's height get increased to ratio of page height. Please suggest how can I reduce the height to normal row height. Thanks in advance
  7. Can we exapnd width of the band (landscape format) to more than 5000px. As,after formatting the band's width pixel it is not increasing from 5000px.
  8. I have already installed jasperreport server. Now I want to encrypt the password.Did the changes I have made till now in the server will get overwrite by this. I am new to jaspersoft. Please clearify it ASAP.
  9. I want give the name of the table, in the report, at the runtime and want to use the fields of that table. Presently I'm using parameter with ! (i.e $P!{table_name}) to give name of table at runtime.But ,not able to use field for that particular table
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