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  1. Hi All, I have a query below where i am trying to join 4 tables (oh,ol,lo,sk) .The query works perfectly in jasper with the given parameters. But when i deployed the same code in JDA WMS .some of the parameters are displaying wrong results .For example if i give the parameter value for WAVE as 2 ,it will display the result and for wave 5 the actual result will be empty but same result will be displayed forwave 2. Ideally wave parameter is displaying wrong results. I am not understinading why the same query works fine in jasper but not in end system(jda wms) SELECT OH.ORDER_ID,OH.WORK_GROUP,OH.CUSTOMER_ID,OH.USER_DEF_TYPE_1,to_char(OH.ORDER_DATE,'DD-MM-YYYY HH24:MI:SS'),OL.SKU_ID,OL.USER_DEF_CHK_1,LO.LOCATION_ID,LO.ZONE_1,SK.DESCRIPTION,COUNT(SP.TEXT),oh.from_site_id "Site Id",to_char(sysdate,'DD-MM-YYYY') "PRINT_DATE"FROMORDER_HEADER OHINNER JOINORDER_LINE OL ON OH.ORDER_ID=OL.ORDER_IDINNER JOIN LOCATION LO ON OH.USER_DEF_TYPE_1=LO.SUBZONE_1INNER JOINSKU SK ON OL.SKU_ID=SK.SKU_IDLEFT JOINSPECIAL_INS SP ON OL.ORDER_ID=SP.REFERENCE_IDWHERE OH.STATUS in ('Released','In Progress') AND OL.USER_DEF_CHK_1='Y' and substr(OH.OWNER_ID,1,2) = substr(lo.zone_1,1,2)AND( $P{GRID} is null or $P{GRID} = LO.ZONE_1)AND ( $P{Location} is null or $P{Location} = LO.LOCATION_ID)AND ( $P{Wave} is null or $P{Wave} = OH.WORK_GROUP)AND ( $P{Store} is null or $P{Store} = OH.CUSTOMER_ID)AND ( $P{Itemno} is null or $P{Itemno} = OL.SKU_ID)and ( $P{from_date} is null or to_date($P{from_date}, 'DD/MM/YYYY') <= to_date(to_char(OH.ORDER_DATE, 'DD/MM/YYYY'),'DD/MM/YYYY'))and ( $P{to_date} is null or to_date($P{to_date}, 'DD/MM/YYYY') >= to_date(to_char(OH.ORDER_DATE,'DD/MM/YYYY'),'DD/MM/YYYY'))GROUP BY OH.ORDER_ID,OH.WORK_GROUP,OH.CUSTOMER_ID,OH.USER_DEF_TYPE_1,OH.ORDER_DATE,oh.from_site_id,OL.SKU_ID,OL.USER_DEF_CHK_1,LO.LOCATION_ID,LO.ZONE_1,SK.DESCRIPTIONORDER BY OL.SKU_ID
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