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  1. Trying to build domains in Jaspersoft Server but the linking fields are Binary and those fields do not show up in the Domain designer. Any suggestions or are we out of luck?
  2. Are your table structures exactly the same in the hive database. Seems like it would work to me if they are.
  3. Have tried changing the "Split Type" on the Band Properties?
  4. How about adding the report as a subreport twice to another main report? Why do you want to duplicate?
  5. Martin, do you have any values in the "Padding" in the properties of the text box?
  6. I installed the trial version of the Pro version while learning the product for a client that is already licensed. The trial ran out and so I uninstalled the Pro version and installed the Community Edition. However, the Community Version does not seem to have a "Getting Started" page but seems to have the Repository view as the Home page. Doesn't the Community Edition have a Getting Started page? Maybe the install of the trial version messed things up?
  7. I am working on a large project with a database of ~750 tables. I have all the table relationships. Is it best practice to create a larger Domains with many tables or a series of smaller Domains/Topics. What are some of the gotchas in a project like this when creating domains with lots of tables?
  8. Chorsell, I did not see a solution to your problem. I have a calculated field in my query but it does not show up.
  9. Hozawa, thanks for you help. I did create a new DS in the organization but when I try to change the DS, the new one I created is not in the list to choose from. How do I get the DS to show up in the list of DSs to choose from?
  10. I created a new organization and copied views/reports into the new org. However, when I try to access the reports with a user in that org, I get an error that the user does not have access to the data. I tried to create a new folder for Data Sources in the Org but when I create a new Adhoc View, the new DS does not appear in the list of DSs. I read through most of info on Data Sources but cannot find anything to specify where DSs must be stored in order to appear in the DS list. How do I make Data Sources available to an Org?
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