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  1. When Restarting jasperreports server on linux using start script, it's starts firing all the reports scheduled for various times. Is there any config setting that needs to be set to prevent the server from sendign all reports when restarting? Thanks you!
  2. Thanks @eelizam for your response. I tested report without any image/css and it still send file.html.zp as attachment.
  3. Hi, I am using JasperReportServer-6.3.0 on linux machine. I scheduled JasperReport(created using iReport-5.6.0) to be emailed as html body. Even thoug I selected the option 'Include report files as attachment', it always attaches as ZIP file. Is this a bug or is there anyway to change it from regular html attachment instead of ZIP. Any help/suggesstion is appreciated! Thank you!
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