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  1. >"Is the report paginated when you view it on JasperReports Server?" Yes, it is. >"How do you want it to work? Are you using "Default Pagination"? Are you getting a paginated report with the default setting?" I wish to work with the default pagination. See: public string GetResource(string resource) { string pathResource = "resources?q=" + resource; var cookie = Login("jasperadmin", "Report2016"); wClient.Headers.Add("Cookie", cookie); SetHeader("Accept", "application/json;q=0.8"); try { var requestLogin = wClient.DownloadString(GetServiceUrl() + pathResource + "&limit=10&offset=0&forceTotalCount=true"); return wClient.ResponseHeaders["Set-Cookie"]; } catch (Exception ex) { return ex.Message; } }
  2. I'm starting with issues related to the use and implementation of JasperServer rest_v2 services. I've made for my purpose, the implementation of services to show a simple report. I even managed to show the inputControls developing a library itself to shape the html elements. In particular I find the disadvantage that not quite understand how the paginated. I have read the documentation about it http://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/tibco-jasperreports-server-web-services-guide/v610/paginating-search-results-0 but I can not make it work as desire. They have worked with this? I would give any advice or recommendation to consider? Thank's! Martin.-
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