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  1. Hi there, This should really be done in the SQL of the report to make the most sense. If you're able to edit the SQL, try implementing something like this: SELECT order_id, update_date FROM <table> WHERE (order_id, update_date) IN ( SELECT order_id, max(update_date) FROM <table> GROUP BY order_id ) This is a very simplified example, but the same principles should be easily applied to your case.
  2. Hello world, I need to somehow schedule a report multiple times using the jobs service, but I only want to make a single REST call. I'm trying to find out how to create multiple schedules while decreasing the load on the server that multiple REST calls would make. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. @hozawa, thank you for the response, but it looks like that link is unrelated, do you have another link?
  4. Hello there! Ok, so I've got a tricky one. I've got a report that has multiple subreports. Each one of those subreports contains a report group that puts each data element onto a new page, then the master report compiles all of those into a single PDF. I need a way to instead generate a separate PDF file for each record, while still only making 1 rest call. I also need to be able to dynamically change the PDF names to match the data element value. Any ideas?
  5. Hi there, Based on the documentation about the Jobs service, the rest call should be made using the PUT method.
  6. Thank you for the responses. I ended up using a similar approach that reportdev suggested. Instead of using an ArrayList parameter, I just used a SQL query to find the parameter values I was looking for and passed those to a subreport in a report group to split them up. I couldn't get them all on separate PDFs though, they're all in one.
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