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  1. Hi. My data source are basically single entries of a time tracking system. So it's the name of the person, a specific date/time, the name of the project that the person has worked on and the amount of hours that he/she spent. Java.lang.String user;Java.util.Date date;Java.lang.String project;Java.lang.Double hours;[/code]My reports has groups for each project. Within each group-detail band I would like to use a CrossTab to visualize which person has spent how many hours on that project - but grouped by month. So the columns would be January, February, etc. and rows would be the persons. But how can I configure the CrossTab to sum date/time-stamps by months as columns? Thanks in advance. Matthias
  2. I have a Java Maven project (in Eclipse) with Java Beans that I would like to use as input in my report. The report itself is designed in a separate project (in Eclipse) by using the JaspersoftStudio plugin. Now I got two questions: How to setup the report-project (JaspersoftStudio) itself as a Maven project within my workspaceHow to add the dependency to the Java Beans Maven project (if report is a plain Eclipse Java project without Maven)Any tutorial would be helpful. Matthias
  3. A perfect, thanks a lot. I thought so, but then I was wondering why releasing a standalone studio then. Got it!
  4. I'm a newbie to JasperStudio but I have experience with similar solutions. Anyway, I figured out that the Studio is used to design a report. But while designing, it's good to have the underlying data already in-place, so that you can test the outcome. Once the report is designed, you can integrate it in a live java application. But, because I need JavaBeans as data source, I would need three things - first: a plain Java project that contains the Java beans and objects; - second: integrate that project (lib) into the Jasper Studio, create the report; and - third: another plain Java project that actually consumes, fills and exports the report with real data. My question is, can I somehow have all of this in one single Java project? And if so, how? Any tutorial for that? Thanks in advance. Matthias
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