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  1. Hi, I worked with most flexible, cost-effective and widely-deployed business intelligence Software for better decision making and reporting Jaspersoft. One of my friend suggested me a good resource in which includes JasperServer Architecture, Introduction to Report Creation using JasperSoft iReport, JsperSoft Sudio, Deploying reports on JasperServer, Multi tenancy Architecture &Olap-Mdx, Cube. This resource further covers OLap basics including Creating and Deploying Cubes, MDX, Report and Dashboard Generation using Cube and Performance tuning of reports and JasperServer. I learnt a lot from there and I am sure it will definitely helps you -- Jaspersoft Video Tutorial
  2. I've been going through the process of developing a custom QRCode component for Jaspersoft. This article explains how to do it in iReport Designer. But I'm wondering how to get the QRCode component described by the article to work in Jaspersoft Studio. Does anyone have any examples of a custom component that can be used with Jaspersoft Studio? I'm looking for links to source or tutorials. Have not been able to find anything specific to Jaspersoft Studio.
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